Introducing our Cummins ISM11 CM876 DPF EGR Tuning Service, the ultimate solution to unleash the full potential of your engine and optimize performance like never before. Specifically designed for the Cummins ISM11 CM876 engine. this tuning service is a must-have for any vehicle owner looking to enhance their driving experience.

Our team of expert ecommerce merchandising specialists understands the importance of maximizing engine efficiency while maintaining environmental standards. With our DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) and EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) tuning service, we offer a reliable and effective method to optimize your engine's performance and reduce emissions.

By recalibrating the engine's control unit, our tuning service enhances fuel efficiency, increases horsepower, and torque output. Experience an immediate improvement in acceleration, responsiveness, and overall power delivery. This tuning service also removes any restrictions caused by the DPF and EGR systems, allowing for a smoother and more enjoyable driving experience.

Not only does our Cummins ISM11 CM876 DPF EGR Tuning Service improve performance, but it also contributes to the longevity of your engine. By eliminating the need for frequent regeneration cycles and reducing harmful exhaust gas recirculation, you can expect a cleaner and healthier engine with reduced maintenance costs.

With our ecommerce store, VIETDIESEL, you can conveniently access this tuning service from the comfort of your home. Simply purchase the service and provide us with the necessary information about your engine. Our team of experts will then customize the tuning specifically for your Cummins ISM11 CM876 engine, ensuring optimal results.

Invest in our Cummins ISM11 CM876 DPF EGR Tuning Service today and witness a remarkable transformation in your vehicle's performance. Enjoy improved fuel efficiency, enhanced power delivery, and a cleaner engine, all while adhering to environmental regulations. Trust VIETDIESEL to deliver exceptional quality and reliable tuning services that will exceed your expectations.

We provide horsepower upgrades plus custom tuning for DPF/DEF/EGR solutions in all Cummins models.

Find your make and model from the list in my website to see if we support remote tuning. If your vehicle isn't listed, we may still have unlisted options available. you only need contact me by WhatsApp +84973722587 i will check and quote you price.

We provide the most convenient way of delivering our solutions to our customers.

We are able to provide programming and tuning solutions remotely.
All you need is a laptop and a connector (e.g., Nexiq USB-link) and we will do the rest.
What is Required for Online Programming?

A laptop (with at least Windows 10) with Cummins Insite 7. xx or 8.5.xx or Calterm software with InSite 8.7. contact if you don't have any software
An interface (e.g., Nexiq USB-link)
Hook up to the truck or engine ECU (bench connection)
Download and install TeamViewer from
Once TeamViewer has been installed, run the program, provide us with the ID and password, and we will do the rest.


DPF Delete is an Off-Highway Tuning service intended solely for closed-course racing and off-highway driving. It may not be street legal in your province or state, and this service cannot be performed on vehicles registered or certified for highway use. Please check your federal, local, and province laws before purchasing